Electronic projects

solar battery charger for cell phones

Portable solar charger is simple home-made device, that have function "max power point tracker" (MPPT) for solar panel and SLA accumulator control. Power of using solar panel is 1.5-2.5W. SLA accumulator can be 6V either 12V, device has autodetection voltage of accumulator what is using. Of course, you can charge phone without buffer accumulator too. Control chip of this device is AVR controller ATmega8.

thermoelectric generator charger for cell phones

Portable charger about 1.7-2.5W power on thermoelectric effect, known as Peltier–Seebeck effect. This charger utilize thermal flow from heater (bonfire, burner) to cooler. Generator constructed on two usual Peltier modules for processor cooling. Thermoelectric generator needs water cooling (about 1 liter at 10 min). Weight about 110-130 gr. Voltage converter controller is ATtiny85. Voltage converter boost voltage from 1.8-3V to mobile charge level voltage, max 6.2v. It can be useful if have solar battery with 2-3V output. Converter don't have current limit, because energy source must be power limited (1.5-3W).

"feels like temperature" thermometer

Simple device for measurement outdoor "feels like" temperature ("wind chill temperature"),outdoor air temperature and time clock. For measurement "feels like temperature" used sensor with heater. Base controller is ATmega8, indicators controlled by ATtiny2313. For temperature sensor used DS18B20.

7W solar charger

Portable solar charger for mobile devices and SLA 6/12V, Li accumulator, 4xNiMH accumulators. The solar panel assembled from four solar cells, each 0.65V, 2.7A, 1.8 W. Device charge output have 5/5.6V, 0.37/0.78A selectable levels. Controller is ATmega88.

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