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Converter design description:
Q1,L3,D9 - buster of auxiliary power supply. This buster used in case when input voltage lower 5V for 5V voltage stabilizer.
M1,L4,D13,D14 - solar panel buster.
M2,L2,D1 - inverting buster for phone charger voltage. Q3,Q7,Q8,C25 - bootstrap driver of inverting buster.
D16,D17,Q4 - fuse circuit.
R23,R24,C13 - accumulator voltage measurement.
R35,R36,C17 - phone voltage measurement.
R1,R2,R11,C7 - phone current measurement.
R19,R21,C11 - accumulator cherge current measurement.
L1,L2 - RM4 core, N49. L1 - 8 turns, L2 - 17 turns, gap - 0.48mm (2 layer of printer paper).

operation accumulator input voltage - 3.3-15V
solar battery input voltage:
start voltage in idle mode - 2.5-5V
down voltage level - 0.5-0.7V

In start mode controller measure voltage on R6. In case if voltage level is below 0.15V auxiliary buster begin work. Controller work in idle mode until R6 voltage is below 0.15V. After that controller start execute work program.
Jumper position used for select the work mode of converter. When jumper connected to ground level converter can charge Li, SLA 6/12V in dependence from accumulator voltage. When jumper connected to positive contact of accumulator battery, converter work in mode of charge of 4 NiMh accumulators. If jumper not connected then converter charge mobile phone only.

converter circuit.pdf
PCB parts.pdf
PCB mount.pdf
PCB route.pdf

converter program

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