Feels like (wind chill) temperature thermometer

The idea of measuring "feels like temperature" is finding ratio between temperature overheat of heated by constant power sensor in indoor condition and the same in outdoor. This ratio corrected on difference between 36.6 Celsium degrees (human body temperature) and current outdoor temperature. Overheat of sensor in indoor measured once during calibrate operation and used as "sensor's constant". For measuring outdoor temperature and constant power heater temperature used the same sensor in on/off heater mode.
Device indicate air temperature, "feels like temperature" and time. Bright of led indicators accommodate to illumination intensity in room.

Base controller design:

indicator design:

device program

device foto

For calculation wind chill temperature used formula:

Twind_chill = Thuman_body - (Thuman_body - Tair)*Kkorrect ;
Kkorrect = 1+(deltaTindoor/deltaToutdoor-1)/Ksensor ;

deltaTindoor and deltaToutdoor is difference of temperature between cold and heated sensor.


I don't know physical sense of Ksensor exactly. I think, that this is heat-insulating effect of clothing. Clothing has a heat-insulating effect, and as follow we see the difference in heat transfer between bare heated sensor and clothed the human body.
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