Thermometer Program

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Controller program have problem with sensor calibration.
The problem of start calibration this is a periodic damaging of eeprom cells value (one in few monthes), because
for robust work device make next sequence: in file controller/main.c
uncomment line Kstatic=base_measure() and build program, write program to controller,
power on circuit in indoor condition and wait about 10 min, until calibrate go. Read
overheat value from wind chill temperature indicator, again comment line Kstatic=base_measure(),
write overheat value without point to line Kstatic= overheat value (overheat of my sensor is 28.8 Celsium degrees), after all build
program and write for your device.

Device has 3 indicators: air temperature, feels like (windchill) temperature and time. Every indicator has own address, because it needs compile indicator's program 3 times, with addresses 1 - air temperature, 2 - comfort temperature, 3 - time.
Address set in file 4-digit_indicator/USI.h

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