Weeklyalarm Manual

WeeklyAlarm has two view for control alarm timer of OS Symbian.
View “SET” has 3 fields:
1. Time of alarm. In this field you must set alarm time.
2. Mode of work program. In mode “1 time” alarm work 1 time only and program exit after alarm expired. In mode “periodical” after alarm expired alarm timer will be set again on next day, what is marked in view “day”.
3. on/off alarm.


View “DAY”:
In this view you can mark alarm days, when you needs in clock alarm.


weeklyAlarm using:
In view “SET” write required value into fields, in view “DAY” mark required days (use for it menu option). In option menu choose “save&exit”. Your settings will be saved in phone memory and weeklyAlarm start control alarm timer.


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